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The Events Management Website and supporting admin system and iPad app were taken from my MailInvite system and developed into a bespoke product for a string of Bosch Car Service conferences throughout 2012.

The system takes the list of potential attendees from Bosch, puts them into the system and sends out registration HTML emails, which track open rates and responses, to point them to the registration website. Reminders are also automatically sent at predetermined times. The website then stores their attendance, preferences and tallies it all up into an admin system for Bosch, who can then export and report the data in a number of ways.

The final stage currently pulls the data from the system into an iPad app which is used to keep track of delegates' attendances at each event, along with the date and time for later reporting for Bosch.

The MailInvite system was developed solely by me and modified to cope with Bosch's exact requirements.

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