/// DVLA Personalised Registrations Website

£60 million per year
e-commerce website

The DVLA Personalised Registrations website is a huge e-commerce site that transacts well over £60 million per year from 750,000 visitors per month.

I, along with my development team, built the current version incorporating some intelligent search features and Ajax to improve usability on the website and also made large speed improvements, despite the search complexity to return results from a database of over 35 million products.

I came up with the concept, did the initial development for proof of concept, managed the hosting, designed and developed the api to their internal systems and database admin.

In managing the website I also provided consultancy to DVLA and their internal IT suppliers, IBM and Fujitsu, client management and project/budget management.

I have developed and managed the DVLA Personalised Registrations website in it's many forms for over 9 years until the government put a halt on the renewal of all marketing contracts. It is now temporarily managed by a 3rd party supplier until the end of their contract period.

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